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 Member Rules (must read)

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Head Admin
Head Admin

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PostSubject: Member Rules (must read)   Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:14 am

Of course, every good thing must have rules in order to stay enjoyable, fun, and safe. So, here they are:

1. Please no offensive comments! Even if you do not get along with someone, refrain from being rude to them. We are all here for the same reason: to have fun. And it's no fun when people are making you feel bad! So please do not offend anyone purposely, and apologize if it happens accidentally. If you don't have something nice or helpful to say, please refrain from saying anything at all!

2. Absolutely NO god-modding! This includes controlling other members' characters! It is not only annoying to everyone when someone god-mods in roleplay, but it is also extremely rude and will not be tolerated. Having a strong character is one thing, but NO character is invincible. If you are god-modding, it will be pointed out to you and if the behavior is not corrected further action will occur. No one likes god-modding, and it is forbidden on this forum.

3. Please keep posting content PG-13. It is ok to be vivid and descriptive, especially during battles in roleplay, but if you wish to make it that intense, please add "{private}" to the topic title in order to warn off those who have a weak stomach or simply do not wish to see that sort of thing.

4. Characters and weapons to be used in roleplay MUST be approved by an admin BEFORE you use them in RP! This keeps things organized and eliminates the worry of having to delete any posts containing it later. If an admin tells you to adjust or fix part of the profile for the creation, please do not give them a hard time; if you do not understand why it needs to be changed, ask them calmly to explain. If you still see no reason to change it, please contact the head admin about it and refrain from using the creation in RP until it is officially approved.

5. Please only ONE character per account and no more than THREE weapons per character! This eliminates a lot of confusion for roleplaying, and creating a second account is simple enough that it is acceptable and easy to have multiple characters under different usernames. The exceptions to this rule: if a character is dead, you may add "{deceased}" to the topic title of the character's creation page and create another character; if a character has a split personality or alter ego, it counts as one character.

6. Be respectful to the forum admins! The admins are chosen very carefully, and their job is to keep the forum running smoothly while enjoying it. They follow all the same rules the rest of the members do, and they do not have "special privelages-" being an admin on this forum is both an honor and a hard job. If you believe an admin is not following the rules, please contact the head admin with your concerns.

Ok, that about sums it up! The rules may be updated as seen fit, so please reread them if an announcement indicates a change. You will also be notified through a PM if this happens. Please have fun while following the rules.
Thanks for reading,
~Head Admin
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Member Rules (must read)
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